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Be your own bose. Start your own business. Stop working for others. Very Low Investment required. Full Support Required from set up to Earning money is provided by us. To discuss the opportunity meet us personally after having a prior appointment. For appointments call us at; 98888-22567 or write us at:



** The Franchisee will be operated at the option of those willing to act as such.

** The Franchisee has to function at the Specified Location only.

** The Applicant has to deposit refundable & interest free Security Deposit.

** The tenure of the Franchisee will be for 11 months and shall be renewable at the option of either the Company or the Franchisee.

** The Company has the right to terminate the Franchisee at his option if it contravenes any of these  Terms and Conditions. However either of the Party have to issue a month notice for closing the Franchisee in normal circumstances.

** The Franchisee is authorized to book Consignments only for the Destinations where the Company is having Services.

** The Franchisee will use printed Stationary purchased from the Company only.

** The Franchisee will install Company Name and Logo Board Outside and Inside Office Premises.

** The Franchisee will not use Services of any other Company / Network.

** The Company will raise Weekly Invoices to the Franchisee against the Consignments booked by the Franchisee and services for the Company has rendered it.

** The Franchisee can enjoy credit limit of seven days only. However, the Credit Amount will be strictly limited to the 75% of its Security deposit.

** The Franchisee will make advance payment for Specific Services wherein Prepaid Consignment notes are being used.

** The Franchisee will ensure strict compliance of all Company Policies and will be governed by all Rules and Regulations described by the Company time to time.

** The Franchisee will also be governed by all Terms and Conditions mentioned overleaf of the Shipper copy of the Consignment Note.

** The Franchisee will be held absolute responsible in case of any Legal Dispute raised due to violation of Company Policies / Terms and Conditions.

** The Franchisee will ensure Strict Compliance for implementing and completing all Govt. Laws related to its Business activity and will be responsible for any consequences.

** Prohibited items for booking shall not be accepted. The Company holds no responsibility over violation of any of the above terms and conditions.

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Logistics Services

BXL Worldwide Couriers offers total Logistics solutions that include Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution.

Express Services

When it is Very Urgent, We have very Fast services to Offer. Time bound Services.

Mail Services

Slow Services, for Non-Time Sensitive Shipments.

We Deal - By Air / By Sea / By Road, All Services Under One Roof.

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