Excess Baggage

Baggage set in green and acid colours


As per the dictionary, “Passenger baggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size, or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier. Excess baggage requires payment of additional freight and may be sent separately as cargo and not as accompanied baggage.” 

All the extra articles that are exceeding the weight limit of your luggage are considered as excess baggage, for which the airlines charge you an exorbitant amount, if you carry it with you. Otherwise, it can be sent as an unaccompanied baggage as well.

Unaccompanied baggage is just slightly different from the excess baggage. Truthfully, Excess baggage is the material that is supposed to go along with the passenger; but can now be delivered as an unaccompanied baggage. Generally, airlines charge the passengers on every extra kilogram that they are carrying, which turns out as a substantial amount. That is why it is suggested by our professionals to send your excess baggage as an unaccompanied one as it will save you a lot of cost and keep you free-minded.

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