Packing Supplies



Want to ship a package but can not pack it or don't know how to pack this or not getting proper boxes. Don't Worry, we have full arrangements for packing your shipments. From Tapes to Boxes, cushion packings / Bubble wraps / Fragile / Handle with care Stickers / tapes or whatever you needed for the packing is readily available with us. We provide these items for FREE for packing your shipments in our location only & at the time of shipping a packet only. Just bring your stuff to our location, We will pack it, We Check weight, we ship it & We Deliver it safely to any location in the world.

For details call us at: +91 -98888-22567 or write us at: 

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Did you know?

FCML has All Services under one Roof..

FCML is the only Company in the Punjab region, which is Providing all Transportation Services under one roof for more than a Decade.

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