Economy Services



When a Shipment is neither Exteremely Urgent nor its Very costlier. This Service is for non time sensitive shipments. Heavy and Bulky shipments Which you just need to ship, something just like a quilt, a bicycle, Heavy Luggage or anything else, which you need to send to any part of the world & you have lot of time, use the Economy services.

For sending packages through economy services minimum Chargable weight is 10 Kgs, you can send small packets also in this service but the minimum rate for 10 kg is charged. Its also Safe & Efficient Services.

This Service is basically Multi Modal Service i.e. mix of Air & Surface / Ground Services. Shipments from India to Destnation Country or Nearest Hub is sent by Air & from that Hub to the particular city it is sent by road / Ground Network. A Shipment for Paris is Sent by Air from delhi to London by Air & from London its sent by road to Paris.

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FCML has All Services under one Roof..

FCML is the only Company in the Punjab region, which is Providing all Transportation Services under one roof for more than a Decade.

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